Valentine Toliver



Valentine Toliver


Lost Friends Ad


Valentine Toliver seeking information of his sister and brother-in-law.


The Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA)


December 16, 1886


A Valentine Taliver of Shreveport, LA took out an ad in may of 1885 searching for his brothers Emmanuel and Stephen, as well as another brother Frank Taliver and sisters Mary and Phoebe Taliver. This ad can be found here:

This ad is similar to one taken out by a Valentine Toliver of Shreveport, LA with the same relations. In that ad, he references a letter from his brother Stephen in Texas, so clearly Stephen was found when this ad was taken out in September of 1885. This ad can be found here:

Valentine Toliver's son or daughter also posted an ad searching for their mother, uncles, and aunts. It can be found here:


Shreveport, LA
Montgomery, AL
New Orleans, LA
GA (Georgia)
MS (Mississippi)


Chris Byrd


MR. EDITOR--I have found out where my brother Emanuel and Stephen are by the help of the SOUTHWESTERN. So please to make another inquiry for my sister Pinnie and her husband Robin; Robert is his name, but they call him Robin; their eldest sons are named Stephen and Richard, and girls are Mame, Emmer and Caroline. I haven't called half of her childrens' names, as I cannot remember them; I havefour names of cousins: Edmund, Comadore, Hudson, Nelson, all of them used to belong to Joe Green, who lived near Montgomery, Ala., and I have got one brother and sister after I have not found yet. Brother Stephen told me that they were sold in New Orleans and was sold together, names are Frank and Mrry. Our first owner was Louis Toliver. I was born in Georgia, and when Louis Toliver moved to Mississippi I was 7 or 8 years old, and when I left there I went up to the plantation that was called the Monroe Place with Nick Toliver, my youngest master, and was sold to Morgan Smith in Alabama, and he died in the summer about the year 1860, and about the last of November 1860 I moved to Louisiana by Frank Smith, and I pray God they may see this. Any information as to her whereabouts will be gladly received. Address Valetine Toliver, Shreveport, La.





“Valentine Toliver,” Lost Friends Ad, The Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA), December 16, 1886, Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery, accessed May 8, 2021,

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