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South Carolina

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Tony Manegan
Tony Manegan seeking information of John and Mercy Powell.

Lucy Walker looking for information about her husband Anderson Walker
Lucy Walker seeking information of her husband, Anderson Walker.

Washington Bagley
Washington Bagley seeking information of William Bagley.

Daniel Tate
Daniel Tate seeking information of his children, Daniel, Susan, and Mary.

Virginia Robinson (2)
Virginia Robinson seeking information of her brother, William Robinson.

Thomas S. P. Miller
Thomas Miller seeking information of his mother, Nancy Young.

J. U. Bishop searching for his wife Rebecca Bishop
J. U. Bishop searching for his wife, Rebecca Bishop, who deserted him.

Morris Reynolds searching for his brother, Paul Reynolds
Morris Reynolds searching for brother, sold by Washington Fripp, Beaufort, SC, during Civil War. Morris and Paul are sons of Daniel and Mary Reynolds, St. Helena Island, SC

John P. Randolph searching for Hannah Randolph and her daughter
John P. Randolph, Charleston, SC, searching for Hannah Randolph and her daughter Ginne, both born Richmond, VA

Jane Walker searching for her relations
Jane Walker wrote to this Newberry, SC newspaper in search of her relatives.

William Lewis searching for his parents Bill and Nancy (or Jennie)
William Lewis, Nashville, TN, wrote to the sheriff of Abbeville County, SC in search of his family

Betsey Jennings searching for Lawton family
Betsey Jennings, Mitchelville, SC, searching for Susannah Lawton, Wilden Lawton, and Isabella Lawton, last heard of at Edgefield, GA

Lucinda Peoples searching for Lawton family
Lucinda Peoples, Mitchelville, SC, seeking Lawton family, last heard of at Edgefield, GA [actually Edgefield, SC?]

Harriet Lyons searching for Miller family
Harriet Lyons and Wade Lyons searching for Zach Miller, Riley Miller, Yancey Miller, Lewis Miller, and Levi Miller

Adam Wright searching for Daniel Wright
Adam Wright searching for Daniel Wright who left Charleston, SC, with the 45th Pennsylvania Regiment in 1862.

Isaac Williams offers $200 reward to anyone who can find his grandson
Isaac Williams is offering at $200 reward for his grandson, who was left with a one-legged gentleman after Sherman's Army entered Savannah, when the child's mother was taken sick

Lucinda (Cinda) White wishes to find her children.
Lucinda White searching for her son, Hercules and daughters, Sally and Jane, who were sold from her

Frank Fleming searching for his uncles. His information wanted letter to governor of South Carolina.
Frank Fleming, Nashville, TN, searching for his uncles, Robert Tigg and Littlejohn Vance, South Carolina

Susannah Babrige searching for Rosamon Mobley
Mobley "formerly belonged to" Mr. C.P. Pelham. She was going to Sumter, SC, to look for her parents, when last heard of.

C. M. Manning
I wish to spend the balance of my life as a free and intelligent citizen of the United States.
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