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Mary Carr looking for her son William Poston
Mary Carr looking for her son, William Poston, who was formerly enslaved by Richard Poston.

King Hopson searching for his brothers Sam, Giles, Allen, and Cross
King Hopson seeking information about his brothers Sam, Giles, Allen, and Cross, who were last known to be in Hempstead, AR.

Caroline Perkin searching for her mother and siblings
Caroline Perkin, Peachers Mills, TN, searching for her mother, Hannah Penn

Isam Turner searching for several persons
Isam Turner, Oswego, KS, searching for several persons

George Henry Forbes searching for father George Henry and mother Henrietta Forbes
Forbes and his mother were sold in Maryland in 1850, to Green Andes, and taken to Mississippi. Forbes' parents: George Henry Forbes and Henrietta Forbes. Grandparents: Barney and Winnie Moore.

Stephen Brown searching for his son Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown was mustered out of the 2d Kansas Colored Regiment last fall [1865] at Fort Leavenworth. His father is anxious to hear form him.

Mrs. Ella Allison and Mr. Robert Allison searching for family
Ella Allison searching for her mother, Mollie Martin, and step-father, David Martin. Robert Allison searching for Elder B. Smith.

Mr. L. E. Gideon searching for his father Robert Gideon
Gideon, owner and originator of Gideon's Refined Negro Minstrels, is searching for his father, who enlisted in the First Kansas Colored Infantry during the Civil War

Mrs. Mary Francis Ross and Mrs. Tennie Jenkins searching for their sister
Ross and Jenkins searching for their sister, Mrs. Augusta Ridley (nee Wells)

Mrs. M.J. Brownlee searching for her aunt and her grandmother
Brownlee searching for her aunt, Mrs. Florence Tally, and her grandmother, Mrs. Jane Goodloe

Frances Whipple searching for George Saddler
Last seen in Waco, TX, in 1866, by his sister-in-law, Phyliss Pettigrew

Unnamed searching for his sister, Lula Suber
Last heard of her in 1878, when she lived in Columbia, South Carolina, on Wheelers Hill.

Austin Marshall searching for his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall and her two children Granson and Jeannette
They are "mulatto" and from the Creek Nation. They escaped, presumably to the North, from Maysville about ten days after the Civil War battle there.

J. H. T. Smith searching for Mr. J. B. Finley
Smith, insurance and real estate agent, searching for Finley, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation

Mrs. Mary A. Riker searching for her son Joseph A. Riker
Her son served in Company B, 5th Massachusetts Colored Cavalry, Civil War. He settled in Kansas in 1866. Riker needs information to prove her claim for a dependent mother's Civil War pension.

Riley Driver searching for his son Jeff Prior and sister Rosana Driver
Riley Driver searching for his son Jeff Prior and his sister Rosana Driver. They were last known to have lived in Pike County, Georgia.

Unnamed woman searching for her son James Blue
She lives in Jacksonville, Illinois. Her son, James Blue, lived in Jackson County, Kansas, when last heard from [in ca 1864, during the Civil War].

Mahardy Colbert searching for his son Benjamin Franklin Colbert
Benjamin, of Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation, enlisted in the 1st Colored regiment [1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment] during the Civil War. Last heard from in Kansas City, Missouri, charged with desertion.

Richard Jones and Jane Vaughn reunited and married in 1899
Jones and Vaughn, of Kansas City, Kansas, were separated after emancipation. Reunited and married in 1899.

Information wanted of the whereabouts of Wm. P. Grant
Unnamed, searching for Wm. P. Grant. Last heard from in North Topeka, Kansas.

Nat Miller reunited with his sister
Nat Miller/Nate Miller/Nathan Miller, of Lawrence, Kansas, lost his sister "during slavery times." He found her in 1904.

Mrs. Ann Hampton searching for her mother Nellie Beecham
Hampton was sold away from her mother, in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War.
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