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Mrs. R. Woodford
Mrs. Woodford seeking information of her mother and brother.

Matilda Harrison seeking the whereabouts of her mother Mary Jackson
Matilda Harrison seeking information of her mother, Mary Jackson.

Unknown searching for Mattie Reed

Petracia Ferguson
Petracia Ferguson searching for her father, Dennis Ferguson

Miss Allie Grace Walsh searching for relatives
Miss Allie Grace Walsh, of Chicago, IL, searching for parents, sister, and uncles

Lewis Lewellen searching for son
Lewis Lewellen, Connersville, IN, searching for son, Clayton Lewellen

Fannie Ford searching for Granderson Washington
Fannie Ford searching for Granderson Washington, cook at Colored Camp Fremont, near Washington, DC, Civil War

Beverly Tibbs searching for his brother
Beverly Tibbs, Worcester, MA, searching for brother Lias Tibbs

Smith Chappell searching for his sister, Harriet Ann Chappell
Smith Chappell, St. Paul, MN, searching for his sister Harriet Ann Chappell, formerly of MO

Hollie West searching for her father
Hollie West, of OK, searching for father George R. West, last heard of in Vandale, AR

Mrs. Elizabeth Pettiford searching for brother
Mrs. Elizabeth Pettiford, Chicago, IL, searching for brother Ellis Dennis Kemp

S.G. Wilson found father
S.G. Wilson reports that he found father through ad

Dr. P.C. Kebble, Pittsburg, TX, searching for Kate White
Dr. P.C. Kebble, Pittsburg, TX, searching for Kate White. She left Omaha, NE. Parents live in Atchison, KS.

Mrs. G. A. Neal searching for nephew Mr. Edward Pool
G.A. Neal, St. Louis, MO, searching for Edward Pool, to settle his mother's property

Unnamed, searching for Reuben Moss, St. Paul, MN
Unnamed, searching for Reuben Moss. Reply to Pilgrim Baptist Church, St. Paul, MN.

Samuel Rice, Milwaukee, WI, searching for wives of two MO Methodist ministers
Samuel Rice searching for Mrs. Mary Taylor, Sedalia, MO, and Mrs. Frances Venable, Franklin, MO

Sarah Lee searching for her daughter, Martha Steel
Sarah Lee, Eldora, Iowa, searching for her daughter. In Cairo, Illinois when last heard from.

Nelson Hart searching for his sister Harriet Shipley
Nelson Hart, Chicago, Illinois, searching for his sister, Harriett Shipley. She went up Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, with a number of other "contrabands." Supposed to be in Minnesota.

Sarah Robinson searching for Adam Horn/Adam Holmes
Sarah Robinson, Charleston, SC, searching for Adam Horn, Chicago, IL. A barber. Reward offered.

Susan Cheek searching for Anthony Newby
Susan Cheek, Chicago, IL, searching for Anthony Newby.

R. T. White searching for his father Rev. C. M. White
R.T. White, Chicago, IL, searching for his father, Rev. C.M. White. An A.M.E. minister.

Unnamed searching for son, Willie Duncan
Unnamed, Minneapolis, MN, searching for son, Willie Duncan. Age 15. Left home Sunday. Not seen since.

Unnamed, searching for Wm. H. Clark
Unnamed, searching for Wm. H. Clark, [Chicago, IL?]. Reward offered.

J. A. Simmons searching for Alex Wood
J.A. Simmons is seeking information on the whereabouts of Alex Wood, a member of the US Colored troops which left Philadelphia with the Army in 1864.

Ed Butler searching for his brother Alfred and his nephews Alfred and Edward
Ed Butler searching for his brother Alfred and two nephews Alfred and Edward. They were last seen in Elizabethtown, KY in 1880.
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