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Will Jackson searching for his brother, Noble Jackson
Will Jackson, Kaufman County, TX jail, searching for brother Noble Jackson, Galveston, TX

Louis Clark searching for his brother Lee Clark and sister Clarica Clark
Louis Clark, Oak Lodge, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, searching for brother, Lee Clark, and sister, Clarica Clark. Sold and taken from AL to TX about 1847.

Dr. M. C. Kieth searching for Maha
Dr. M. C. Kieth is searching for Maha on behalf of her mother. Maha is a colored woman, raised by Richard Sharp in Marion County, Sharpsburg Post Office. Her mother is living in Palmyra, MO and writes to W. Bryant, who was raised with her, to find…

Elder T. Cooper searching for his brother
Elder T. Cooper, Brenham, TX, searching for his brother Job Jameson, who came to Texas soon after the Civil War

Eliza Jones searching for her uncle, Sam Roberson
Mrs. Eliza Jones searching for her father's brother, Sam Roberson, son of Moses Roberson

Rev. Mack Henson finds his father
Rev. Henson, of Austin, Texas, finds his father after a decades-long search. His father traveled from Alabama to Austin to see him but died within two days.

Manuel Rose searching for Victoria Chambers
Chambers was last heard of in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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