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Horace Johnson looking for his mother
Horace Johnson looking for his mother, Hannah James

Chas. Howard searching for his wife, Ann Howard
Chas. Howard, New Haven, KY, searching for wife, Ann Howard, Louisville, KY

T. M. Hubbell searching for Alexander Desembly and Frank McFarland
T. M. Hubbell searching for Alexander Desembly and Frank McFarland, Civil War veterans from Mason County, KY.

Unnamed woman searching for her son George Swazer
Unnamed woman searching for her son George Swazer who has been missing from Maysville, KY since December 1882.

Harvey Spalding & Sons looking for Moses Ballard
Looking for Moses Ballard, Civil War veteran, or his heirs [possibly related to a Civil War veteran's pension?]

Mrs. Eliza Johnson looking for Civil War veterans
Mrs. Eliza Johnson searching for "colored" Civil War soldiers who were "inmates of the old hospital on Front street" in Maysville, KY. [Maybe to establish a Civil War widow's pension claim?]

T. M. Purnell searching for "Big Will" Howard
T. M. Purnell searching for "Big Will" Howard who was sold during the Civil War in Harlan County, KY, to Wm. Onthang.

Lucretia Palmer searching for witnesses to her pre-Civil War marriage
Lucretia Palmer (nee Maupin) searching for someone familiar with her marriage on King Maupin's place, near Rogersville, KY, about 1858. [Palmer presumably needed this testimony to apply for a Civil War widow's pension].

William Watson searching for his wife Nancy Watson and their children George and Jane
Watson, 79th Regiment, Louisiana Colored Infantry, Civil War, has not hear from his family since they arrived in Louisville, KY, summer 1865. They all "belonged to" Mr. Cornelius Voris, near Marksville, LA, before the Civil War.

Alexander Foley and his wife reunited and remarried after forty years
Foley, of Natchez, Mississippi, found his wife in 1891 in Carrollton, Kentucky. They had been separated by sale [in Virginia?]

Ed. Claybrook searching for Samuel Pearl
Claybrook and Pearl were both of Owensboro, Kentucky.

John Thompson and Kitty Owens reunited and married after 25 years
Thompson and Owens enslaved on same plantation in Morgan County, Tennessee. They were separated during the Civil War but reunited in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1894 and married there.

Mary Stowers found her son, Willis Green, after 28-year separation
Stowers was separated from her son 28 years earlier [ca 1846], when she was sold from Owensboro, KY, to Shelby County, KY, and then again from Shelby County to Alabama. In 1874, several years after the Civil War, she went to Evansville, IN, in search…

Ellen Johnson reunited with her mother after 50 years
Johnson, age 60, reunited with her mother, reported to be 112 years old. Johnson lived in Louisville, KY. Her mother had been sold, by Ben Johnson of Frankfort, KY, and sent to New Orleans 50 years earlier [ca 1835].

Henry Taylor searching for his son Charley Taylor
Charley, a boy, was taken from the place of Squire Vernon, five miles from Indianapolis. This was in ca. 1865, during or right after the Civil War.
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