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1864, 1865, 1867, 1873, 1890, 1911

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Agnes Watts searching for her son John Warren Watts
Agnes Watts seeking information about her son, John Warren Watts, who was last known to be in an Army hospital in Petersburg.

Parker Moore and Sarah Moore searching for Aaron Moore
Parker Moore and Sarah Moore searching for Sarah's husband, Aaron Moore, of Belair, MD. Went missing during the Civil War, while traveling to Baltimore to claim exemption from the draft.

Ann Barnet searching for son, Theodore Barnet
Ann Barnet, Baltimore, MD, searching for son, Theodore Barnet. During the Civil War.

Martha Hawkins searching for her son Isaac Martin Van Buren Hawkins
Martha Hawkins searching for her son, Isaac Martin Van Buren Hawkins. He went south with a New York regiment, Civil War.

Wm. H. Graves searching for his son William C. Graves
Parents of William C. Graves, age about 13, searching for him. Missing since July 26, 1864. During the Civil War.

Mary Joyce searching for John Joyce
Searching for John Joyce. Went missing on way from Ellicott's Mills, MD, to Baltimore, MD, five or six weeks ago [in summer 1865, several months after the Civil War].

Samuel Toogood searching for family
Samuel Toogood searching for Priscilla, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ellen, Henry, and Alfred Toogood. They "belonged to" Moses Lawrence of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Attorney Chas. Cowles Tucker searching for Elizabeth Jackson
Chas. Tucker searching for Elizabeth Jackson, widow of Henry Jackson, late of Washington, DC. [Possibly related to a Civil War widow's pension.]

Unnamed man searching for his wife Mrs. Mary Jane Bowser
Unidentified man searching for his wife Mrs. Mary Jane Bowser, late of Richmond, VA. Information can be received at Johnston's Barber Shop.

Emily Holmes searching for her husband Solomon Holmes
Emily Holmes searching for her husband Solomon Holmes of Dorchester County, Maryland.

Ann Whaley
Whaley, age 101, wrote to the mayor of Baltimore in search of her family. Her mother, Minta Whaley, "was owned by Capt. Peter Whaley."

T. & W. searching for an unnamed woman formerly enslaved by Mrs. Worthington
Searching for a "colored woman," formerly "owned" by Mrs. Worthington, who lived in the family of D.C. Croxall about 15 years ago [ca 1852].

Cupid Blue and Kitty Blue searching for daughter Millie Blue
Millie Blue, age 14, left her home in Howard County, Maryland. Parents fear she was enticed away.

Unnamed searching for Eli Signo
Eli Signo lived with Mrs. Lyon, Baltimore, Maryland

Edward Williams searching for Sarah Williams
She left her home in Baltimore on Monday. Has not yet returned.

Susan Chase searching for her husband, James Chase
He left their home in Baltimore on Nov. 19, 1864. Not seen since. He works on the wharf. During the Civil War.

Unidentified parents reunited with their daughter after 20 years
Daughter reunited with her parents, Newtown, Maryland. She "belonged to the Rush estate," from which she was sold 20 years earlier [in ca 1855].

Unnamed man searching for his sister Kitty Collins
An unnamed man searching for his sister, Kitty Collins, who went to Baltimore from the Eastern Shore of Maryland about two years earlier [1863].

H. Kimberly searching for Joseph Nicholson
Nicholson, of Baltimore, Maryland, was a "yellow" butcher, commonly called Big Joe. During Reconstruction.

Lucy Brown searching for her mother Mrs. Rachel Brown
Lucy Brown is in Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother was in Campbell County, Virginia, when last heard from.

Rachel Carter searching for her husband, Joseph Carter
Ad placed in 1867, during Reconstruction. Joseph Carter left home, in Baltimore, Maryland, about two years earlier [during the Civil War].

Eliza Hammond looking for her daughter Eliza Jane Hammond who wandered off
Friends searching for Eliza Jane Hammond, who wandered away from home in 1868, during Reconstruction. She is supposed to be in Baltimore, Maryland.

Parents seeking information about their son Perry Alexandria Wayman
Perry Alexandria Wayman, age 10 or 11, went missing in Baltimore, Maryland, in June 1867.

Mary Boston searching for Leah Merrill
Merrill arrived in Baltimore from Newtown, Maryland, in May 1867, during Reconstruction.
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