The Louisville Daily Journal (Louisville, KY)


The Louisville Daily Journal (Louisville, KY)


1862, 1865, 1866, 1867

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Chas. Howard searching for his wife, Ann Howard
Chas. Howard, New Haven, KY, searching for wife, Ann Howard, Louisville, KY

William Watson searching for his wife Nancy Watson and their children George and Jane
Watson, 79th Regiment, Louisiana Colored Infantry, Civil War, has not hear from his family since they arrived in Louisville, KY, summer 1865. They all "belonged to" Mr. Cornelius Voris, near Marksville, LA, before the Civil War.

Henry Taylor searching for his son Charley Taylor
Charley, a boy, was taken from the place of Squire Vernon, five miles from Indianapolis. This was in ca. 1865, during or right after the Civil War.
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