The Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, VA)


The Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, VA)


1864, 1866, 1868, 1871, 1879, 1880, 1890, 1894, 1895, 1900, 1911, 1912

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James Calloway searching for his son Jemmy Calloway
James Calloway searching for his son, Jemmy Calloway

Mimey Grigsby searching for her children Sarah, William, and Priscilla
Mimey Grigsby searching for her children, sold from the estate of Lucius Dixon, Fauquier County, VA, in 1844

Alfred Tyler searching for his step-sons
Alfred Tyler, Springvale, VA, searching for his step-sons, William Nelson Green and Robert Nelson Green, sold in Washington County, VA in 1860

Julia Carter searching for Carter family
Julia Carter, Ferguson, AR, searching for Isaac Carter, his sister Martha Carter, his brother Aley Carter, and their brother Luther Gray/Luther Carter

Jerry Robertson searching for his wife
Jerry Robertson, Alexandria, VA, searching for Nancy Robertson, taken from Clarke County, VA by slave traders and sold in Richmond in 1862

Gustavus Clark searching for his brothers
Gustavus Clark searching for his brothers, Henry Clark, Shadrach Crump, John Crump, Maurice Crump, Oscar Crump, and William Crump.

A. B. Carter searching for his former slave, Benjamin Harris
A. B. Carter searching for Benjamin Harris, a "true and faithful servant" before and during Civil War. Carter was Captain of Co. F, 6th VA Cavalry.

Martha Hudgins searching for Frederick Hudgins
Martha Hudgins, Alexandria, VA, searching for her son, who left Alexandria 6 years Ago. His father died. Left him a small property.

Bertha Ballton searching for three people
Bertha Ballton searching for Mrs. Rosetta Frazier, Mrs. Susan Bently, and Mrs. Julia Lane

Miss D. Howard searching for her brother William O. Howard
Miss D. Howard searching for brother William O. Howard also known as Ollie Howard last seen in Alexandria, VA.

Charles Pearson, sentenced to be hanged for murder, wishes to find his mother and uncle
The first article states that Charles Pearson, Newton, NC, sentenced to be hanged for murder, wishes to communicate with his mother or uncle, Armstead Pearson, Alexandria, VA. The second article, dated October 25th 1880, describes his execution.

Patty Varner searching for her son Vincent Varner
Patty Varner searching for her son Vincent Varner who was last known to be living in Loudoun County, Virginia.

William Clair searching for William Bell or Robert Bell
William Clair, Alexandria, VA, searching for William or Robert Bell

Priscilla Stark (formerly Priscilla Baylor) searching for her son, William Henry Baylor
Son recently kidnapped from the Market House in Alexandria, VA. Reward for information of his whereabouts.

John Marlow searching for his sister, Mrs. Emma Griffin, and other relatives
John Marlow, Dallas, TX, searching for Emma Griffin, Pierce Griffin, Ancos Griffin, Matilda Griffin, Caroline Griffin, Kittie Davis, George Griffin, Mamie Griffin, and Daniel Griffin. Emma left Washington DC in 1870.

Fanny Harris is searching for her children
Fanny Harris searching for her children, James, Jane, and Louisa Harris. "Have been in the South for several years." [They were presumably sold South]. Formerly "belonging to Mr. Frederick Foote, of Prince William county."
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