The Colored American (Washington, DC)


The Colored American (Washington, DC)


1899, 1901, 1902, 1904,

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Betty Reynolds searching for her brother Saunk Joyce
Betty Reynolds, Atlanta, GA, searching for brother, Saunk Joyce, sold in Mecklenburg, VA, several years before Civil War

Georgiana Berry seeking the name of husband's Civil War company, for her Civil War widow's pension application
Georgiana Berry, St. Louis, MO, seeking name of the company her husband, John Berry, served in during Civil War.

J. E. Johnson searching for friend Thomas J. Steward
J. E. Johnson, Providence, RI, searching for Thomas J. Steward, Civil War veteran from Providence, RI, who worked in the Treasury Department in Washington, DC

J.R.W. Johnson searching for his brothers
J.R.W. Johnson, Rapid City, SD, searching for his brothers, William H. Clinton and Edward Johnson

William Walker searching for David Walker
William Walker searching for David Walker, a sailor and a colored Mason, Blue Lodge No. 4 or 5, Boston, MA

Mr. Robert Mansfield
Unnamed person searching for Mansfield. He used to live in Washington, DC, and was head waiter at Palm Beach, Florida.

Mr. J. Sims reunited with his two sisters
Sims, of Capitol Hill (Washington, DC), was separated from his sisters at the outbreak of the Civil War. He learned of their whereabouts in 1899 and they were reunited.
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