The Nashville Globe (Nashville, TN)


The Nashville Globe (Nashville, TN)


1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1991, 1913, 1917, 1918

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Rev. Samuel A. Franklin searching for his Franklin/Boves family
Rev. Samuel A. Franklin, Newcastle, WA, searching for his family from the Castle Hill plantation, Albemarle County, VA

Mrs. Jane Hanford searching for her half-brother, William Boyd
Hanford, St. Louis, MO, searching for her half-brother, son of Britton Boyd and Mary Boyd

Mrs. Lucy King searching for her brother and sisters
Mrs. Lucy King searching for her brother, Wallace, and sisters, Minnerva and Juda Braxton, children of Robert Braxton and Malvina Braxton. They were sold from Hampton, VA.

Toney Black/Tony Black searching for his mother and two sisters
Black is searching for his mother, Malinda Palmer, and sisters, Elvie Wade and Marie Wade

Willie Annie Marina searching for Marina relatives
Willie Annie Marina, Van, AR, daughter of Ben Marina, searching for Jerry Marina and David Marina

Mr. King Bird searching for his mother
King Bird searching for his mother, Mercy Micky/Mercia Mickey, and other Micky, Gray, and Pullman relatives

Mrs. J. T. Gayton searching for her sister Annie Scott and relative Magnolia Scott
Mrs. J.T. Gayton searching for relatives, Magnolia Scott and sister Annie Scott. Left them in Nashville when a small child.

Rev. J.R. Ruffin [Rev. Jeremiah R. Ruffin] searching for John Ruffin
Rev. J.R. Ruffin, Philadelphia, PA, searching for John Ruffin. The Ruffins came from King and Queen County, VA. "Owned" by Col. Alexander Fleet.

Mrs. Margaret Rollins searching for her uncle, James Mitchell
Rollins searching for her uncle, "owned by" Windon Roberson of Abiton, VA. Family moved to Louisiana after the Civil War.

Wm. Wilson searching for his mother, Lizzie Ross
Wilson's mother was known as "Lizzie Jack" on the Wyley cotton farm, Jacksonville, AL.

Mrs. Victoria Hullum searching for relatives of her father, William Wigg Young
Hullum's father went to New Orleans "during the emancipation" on a U.S. ship "as inspector." He served in the U.S. Army.

Mrs. Mary Ann Coleman searching for her sister Birdie Thomas
Coleman is searching for her sister, Birdie Thomas. Reward offered.

Brown London searching for his uncles
Searching for uncles John McCraty, Sam McCraty, Green McCraty, and West McCraty. They "went off with the army" [presumably during the Civil War].

Edward Green searching for his aunts and uncles
Edward Green, Clarendon, AR, is searching for his uncles, Richard Green, Joe Green, and Edward Green, and his aunts, Bettie Green and Sarah Green

Martin Lucas searching for relatives and former fellow servicemembers
Martin Lucas searching for sister, Agnes Polks, wife of Archie Polks, and army comrades George Rosh, Charley Andrews, and Nathan Andrews [probably for a Civil War pension claim]

Mary Jane Gilliam searching for her brother
Mrs. Mary Jane Gilliam searching for her brother, William Gilliam

Lizzie Wilson searching for Linard Wilson
Mrs. Lizzie Wilson, St. Louis, Missouri, searching for Linard Wilson, born and reared in Nashville, Tennessee

Alfred W. Griffin searching for Reddick Slade
Alfred Griffin, son of Kenney Griffin, searching for Reddick Slade, son of Sabee Slade. Griffin lived in Battle Creek, Michigan. Slade lived in Suffolk, Virginia, when last heard of.

Mrs. Jane Wilson searching for her brothers and sisters
Wilson "left" her siblings in Gibson County, Tennessee. The family name was Sharp.

Alexander Oglesby searching for three Civil War veterans
Oglesby is searching for Mr. Mines Goodall, Abraham Pussley, and Robert Allen, of the 14th U.S. Colored Troops, Civil War [possibly to apply for a Civil War veteran's pension?]

E. H. Lampkins searching for his former wife Mrs. Bennie Jacko (or Bennie Lampkins)
Lampkins is searching for Mrs. Bennie Lampkins/Mrs. Bennie Jacko. Her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Johnson, lived in San Marcos, Texas. Searcher lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Mrs. Mary Kimbrow looking for her uncle Johnnie Blakley (who also goes by Johnnie Frierson)
Mrs. Mary Kimbrow looking for information as to the whereabouts of her uncle Johnnie Blakley (he also goes by Johnnie Frierson).
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