The Huntsville Gazette (Huntsville, AL)


The Huntsville Gazette (Huntsville, AL)


1882, 1886, 1993

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Fannie R. Roly seeks sisters and brother
Mrs. Fannie R. Roly is looking for her two sisters and brother, named Katie Butler and Caroline Carter and Walton Carter.

Thaddeus Scott seeks addresses of soldiers
Thaddeus Scott seeks the address of soldiers from the 44th Regiment Colored Infantry.

Milton Anderson is searching for his sisters and father
Milton Anderson is searching for his father, Richard Anderson, and his sisters, Polly and Rachel. He "left" them in Lee County, Mississippi, in 1867.

Peter Bell seeks parents
Peter Bell, former slave, is looking for information about his parents that were owned by someone else.
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  • Alabama
    • The Huntsville Gazette (Huntsville, AL)


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