The Anglo-African (New York, NY)


The Anglo-African (New York, NY)



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Sgt. John A Marshall seeks mother Sarah
Sgt. John A. Marshall is looking for his mother, Sarah E. Marshall.

Members of the Dennis family seek Andrew and Richard Dennis
Family members of Andrew and Richard Dennis are seeking information about them. Both of them last seen in Coweeche County, Georgia in about 1859.

Unknown Person seeks Isaac and James Bea, Annanias Harcum, Atwell Smith, and Alfred Redman
Isaac Bea, James Bea, Annanias Harcum, Atwell Smith, and Alfred Redman, are sought by a person whose name is not revealed in the ad.

Mrs. Thomas L. Johnson seeks family
Mrs. Thomas L. Johnson is looking for several members of her family.

Samuel J. Howard seeks Joseph Post alias Joseph Clinton
Samuel J. Howard is looking for information regarding the location of Joseph Post (who also might be known as Joseph Clinton).

Mrs. A. Haney and Mrs. M.E. Lynn seek Henry, Edward and Jinney Haney
Mrs. A. Haney and Mrs. M. E. Lynn are looking for Henry, Edward, and Jinney Haney.

Burton Isom seeks brothers and sister
Burton Isom is searching for his brothers, James and Ormand Isom, and his sister, Emily Murray. They were last seen around St. Louis, Missouri.

Matilda Wetherall is searching for Robert Tolliver and his wife, Alice
Matilda Wetherall is searching for Robert Tolliver and Alice Tolliver of Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Wetherall appears to have been the mother of one of these individuals.

Susan Summers seeks husband John Summers
In 1865, Susan Summers was looking for her husband, John Summers, who she believed was located in South or North Carolina.

John and Barbara Brooks seek brother Wesley
The surviving siblings of Wesley Brooks are searching for him. He was sold to Natchez or thereabouts in approximately 1835.

John E. Onley seeks brothers
John E. Onley is searching for his two brothers, Charles and Henry.

Cue and Caroline Willis seek their two children, Charles Henry and Josephine
Caroline and Cue Willis are looking for their son and daughter, who were formally with a Captain Tabb in Virginia.

Augustus Mosby seeks uncle William Briggs
Augustus Mosby is looking for his uncle, William Briggs.

Cynthia Marshall seeks children
Cynthia Marshall is looking for information about her children, Glover, Calvin, Luther, Daniel, Orange, Stephen and Lathio Marshall.

Phillip Merryday seeks Elisha and Major Merryday
Phillip Merryday is looking for Elisha Merryday and Major Merryday.

Addison Phillips seeks sisters-in-law
Addison Phillips is looking for Ellen Fitzhugh, his sister-in-law, and two other unnamed sisters-in-law.
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