W. N. Toliver searching for his/her mother, uncles, and aunts


W. N. Toliver searching for his/her mother, uncles, and aunts


Information Wanted Ad


W. N. Toliver is searching for his/her mother, uncles Orns, Jem, Robert, and Jack, and aunts Winnie, Mary, Betsy, and Phillis. W. N.'s father, Valentine Toliver and mother Ellen, is with him/her. W.N. mentions a mother Sophia Johnson and her husband Peter Johnson who moved with them before the war and are dead. These are Ellen's parents, as learned from another ad. They belonged to James Gilmore who lived between Montgomery, AL and Dallas.


The Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA)


November 5, 1885


Shreveport, LA
Montgomery, AL
Dallas (No state given)
Handsville, Lawrence County, AL


Daniel Runyon


This ad is similar to ones posted by Valentine Toliver, W.N.'s father, and Valentine Taliver, probably a misspelling of the same man's name. The two ads can be found here: http://informationwanted.org/items/show/2715

And here: http://informationwanted.org/items/show/2714

Valentine, W.N.'s father, also published an ad in December of 1886 stating that he found his brothers Stephen and Emanuel with the help of the Southwestern Christian Advocate but is still searching for his other relations. This ad can be found here: http://informationwanted.org/items/show/2140


MR. EDITOR: I wish to inquire
for my mother, uncles and aunts.
My mother's name is Ellen Toliver,
and father's name is Valentine
Toliver. They are here with me.
Uncles' names are Oras and Jem,
Robert, and Jack; Aunts Winnie,
Mary, Betsy and Phillis, their
mother's name was Judy, and she
is dead. My mother was Sophia
Johnson, her husband was Peter
Johnson. They moved here with
us before the war. They are dead.
They belonged to James Gilmore,
who lived between Montgomery,
Ala., and Dallas. At one time we
belonged to Morgon Smith, and
lived near Handsville, Lawrence
county, Ala. After Morgan Smith's
death we were moved to Louisiana
by his heirs. Address W. N. Tol-
iver, Sherveport, La.




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“W. N. Toliver searching for his/her mother, uncles, and aunts,” Information Wanted Ad, The Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA), November 5, 1885, Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery, accessed July 4, 2020, http://informationwanted.org/items/show/2721.

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