Delia Roddy searching for her mother's family


Delia Roddy searching for her mother's family


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Delia Roddy is searching for her mother's family. Her mother's name was Delia R. B. Myrecks whose had two brothers Felix and Frank, a father named Hal. McQuarter and a mother named Sarah. They lived in Oglethorpe County, GA and were owned by Capt. R. B. Myrecks. She was separated from them in about 1845 when Capt. Myrecks estate was sold along with 8 of his slaves, including Sarah. She was purchased by Pit Lumpkin who shortly thereafter bought her mother's husband Hal. from her mother's father, McQuarter. Her mother also had grandparents, Frank and Dola, who were also owned by McQuarter. Sometime later, Delia's mother was sold by Capt. Bob Myrecks to Dave Roddy of Reah County, TN. Delia now lives in Kingston, Roan County, TN.


Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA)


April 3, 1884


Kingston, Roan County, TN
Oglethorpe County, GA
Reah County, TN


Daniel Runyon


MR. EDITOR--I desire to find my
mother's people, whom she was
separated from about 1845. She,
prior to this time, lived in Ogel-
thorpe county, Georgia. My mother
was Delia R. B. Myrecks; her moth-
er was Sarah, two brothers Felix
and Frank. All belonged to Capt.
R. B. Myrecks. My mother's father
was Hal. McQuarter. At or about
the time above mentioned, brought
about by a sale which took place in
the estate of said Myrecks, at which
eight of his colored people were
sold, with whom went my mother's
mother, Sarah Myrecks. A man by
the name of Pit Lumkin bought
her; and a short time after this he
bought my mother's husband, Hal,
from the aforesaid McQuarter. My
mother also remembers that her
grandfather's name was Frank, and
her grandmother Dola; they be-
longed to McQuarter. Sometime
later my mother was sold by Capt.
Bob Myrecks to Dave Roddy, of
Rhea county, Tenn. We now live
in Roane county, in the town of
Kingston, and I am known by the
name of Delia Roddy. Address
Mr. M.C. Roddy, care of Rev. J.
T. Henry, Kingston, Tenn.




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“Delia Roddy searching for her mother's family,” Information Wanted Ad, Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA), April 3, 1884, Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery, accessed September 19, 2020,

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