Charlotte Harbert searching for her children


Charlotte Harbert searching for her children


Lost Friends Ad


Charlotte Harbert searching for her older children Clark Wesley, Allen Jackson, and Mary Ann.


Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA)


November 8, 1883


Lockhart, TX
New Orleans, LA


Margaret Strolle


MR. EDITOR -- I wish to inquire
for my children. Their given names
are Clark Wesley, Allen Jackson,
and Mary Ann. Clark Wesley's
father was Abraham Perry, belonging
to Samuel Perry, who lived
in St. Louis. I left Clark Wesley
3 miles above St. Louis, on the
dairy farm of Dr. John G. Bryant,
with Thomas Bryant, the Doctor's
cousin. The father of Allen Jackson
and Mary Ann was Jack Bryant,
all belonging to Dr. Bryant. I
left Jack Bryant and my children,
Allen and Mary, in 1845, in the
lead mines in a little town called
Potosi, 75 miles below St. Louis. I
was Dr. Bryant's cook, Charlotte
Bryant, and was brought out by
Jennie Jenkins, Maj. Curl (Kerl) &
Co. to Mississippi, from thence to
Lockhart, Caldwell county, Texas,
where I have lived ever since with
Mr. Crocket Harbert. I heard indirectly
a while after I got here
that my children were brought to
Austin, Texas, and carried from
there to New Orleans. Since then
I've heard nothing from them. I
have two children born since my
stay in Texas. The girl is Josephine,
the boy is William Henry,
who died a few years ago. I desire
that all pastors and readers of this
inquiry will try to find them for me.
I am old and my health has failed
me; only a few more days remain
to me upon earth, and I want to
find my children and have them
come where I am and take my
property, etc., into their hands. I
am trying to follow Jesus; have
been a member of the M. E. Church
20 years. my daughter is also a
member of the same Church. If I
do not meet them again on earth I
trust I shall meet them again in heaven.
Address Charlotte Harbert, care of
Rev. R H. Harbert, Lockhart,
Caldwell county, Texas.




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“Charlotte Harbert searching for her children,” Lost Friends Ad, Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA), November 8, 1883, Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery, accessed December 4, 2020,

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