Rhoda Sanders searching for her family

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Rhoda Sanders searching for her family


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Rhoda Sanders searching for mother, Mary Avernathen; father, Turner; stepfather Dickerson; Tursa and William Avernathen; aunt Ann; grandfather Tomsha and his two children, China and Jordan; and possibly unnamed siblings


Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA)


May 10, 1883


Pleasanton, TX
New Orleans, LA


Margaret Strolle



MR.EDITOR:--I wish to inquire for my parents and kindred. Mother was Mary Avernathen, because she belonged to Mr. Avernathen. Her sister Ann also belonged to him.After the estate was divided she was sold to her husband's owner. Husband was Dickerson, but I do not know his full name or that of his owner. Mother had five children--three girls and two boys. I am the oldest, Rhoda Avernathen. I was taken to Texas and sold to Jerry Lindlay, I married Edward Sanders. Thomas Jeffer.son and Julia Anne died before mother was sold to Jay Lindlay. The next was sitting in a chair on morning and fell out on a hot skillet with coals of fire on it, and they stuck to his face. Then there was Tursa and William Avernathen. My father's name is Turner. I do not know his or his owner's full name. He was sold in war time and went to New Orleans.Grandfather Tomsha had one eye put out by the hooking of an ox, and had two children, China and Jordan. Jordan was the oldest. Address me at Pleasanton, Texas.




“Rhoda Sanders searching for her family,” Lost Friends Ad, Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, LA), May 10, 1883, Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery, accessed March 18, 2018, http://informationwanted.org/items/show/2020.

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