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Thomas searching for aunt Delcie Graves, her husband Frederick Graves, and uncle James Washington. Frederick and James "were soldiers in the war of 1863" [Civil War]. All "belonged to" Tom Alyer in Madison County, VA.

Born in Nansemond County, VA. Sons of Lydia Williams. Richard last saw Solomon on the battlefield in Falmouth, VA, in 1863, during the Civil War.

Hatcher left child at home of Mrs. S. Mitchell, Richmond, VA. Mitchell replied, saying Hatcher knows his wife got the child in 1902, and that Hatcher promised to pay Mitchell for keeping the child eleven months, which she has not received.

The Gaskins family moved from Washington, DC to Virginia in 1892. The father kept a restaurant in DC. The children were Roberta Gaskins, Latitia Gaskins, and John Gaskins.

Johnson, formerly of Winchester, MA, last heard from in 1916, working for a lady in New York, New York. Photo included and five dollar reward offered.

Rev. Henant searching for Philip Henry [and?] his sister "Willy" or Amanda Brown.

Harris was formerly of Rochester, New York.
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