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Wilson "left" her siblings in Gibson County, Tennessee. The family name was Sharp.

Alfred Griffin, son of Kenney Griffin, searching for Reddick Slade, son of Sabee Slade. Griffin lived in Battle Creek, Michigan. Slade lived in Suffolk, Virginia, when last heard of.

Eliza, daughter of Rev. Charles Pollard, was sold away from Maryland about 1859. Was last seen on a steamboat going up the Red River.

His parents were in Beatville, Mississippi [Batesville?], when last heard from.

Lucy Brown is in Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother was in Campbell County, Virginia, when last heard from. Ad placed in 1867, during Reconstruction.

Able, in Washington, DC, is searching for her daughter, who was in Richmond, Virginia, when last heard from. Ad placed in May 1867, during Reconstruction.

Sims, of Capitol Hill (Washington, DC), was separated from his sisters at the outbreak of the Civil War. From Mississippi. He learned of their whereabouts in 1899.

Emeline Skipwarth escaped from slavery in Kentucky to Michigan. Forty years later, in 1885, she found her sister, Julia Lyon, near Troy, Ohio.

Alston was last heard from in July 1890 in Paterson, New Jersey.
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