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Charlotte, who lived in Sacramento, CA, in 1870 placed this ad looking for her family members. Charlotte's father was owned by Joe Powell of Kentucky, who also owned Charlotte and sold her to a speculator in Louisiana.

Her son "belonged to" Charles Handsome Coates, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Was in Clarksville, Tennessee, when last heard of.

Adair searching for her father, Charles Hazard, her mother, Rachel Ann Hazard, her brother, Wm. Henry Hazard, and her son, Wm. Henry Levi. Adair's father was free. Her mother was "owned by" John Ridgely, of Hampton County, Maryland, and sold to Tom…

He left home in Talladega, Alabama, nine years earlier [ca 1871]. His mother was "owned by" Theodore Levi, of that place.

Burton is in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1900, searching for her father, Mat Burton, her mother, Milinda Burton, and her sisters, Cinthy Burton and Mitildy Burton

Johnson, of Martin County, North Carolina, searching for his mother, Betsy, and his sisters, Mary, Ellen, Harriet, and Rose

Rakes is in Richmond, Virginia, in search of her mother.

Thornton, of Charles Town, West Virginia, searching for his sister, Amy Thornton, and his brother, Ransom Thornton

Martha, formerly of Elkton, Tennessee, is in Montgomery, Alabama, searching for her children. She formerly "belonged to" Mrs. Dolly Camps.

Driver searching for his son, Jeff Prior, and his sister, Rosana Driver. They lived in Pike County, Georgia. Riley Driver lived in North Topeka, Kansas.
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