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H.J. Covell searching for George Wedge of the 6th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry.

Alfred Yancey 7-8-1885.tif
Alfred Yancey is searching for his seven brothers and one sister whom he left in Granville County, NC in 1839. They all belonged to a lawyer name Abraham Venable. His mother's name was Pinkey and his father's name was Joshua. His brothers were…

Lowery McDermit 8-12-1865.tif
Martha McDermit searching for her brother Lowery McDermit who used to belong to Thomas Lyons of Knoxville, East TN. He was sold to a man named Sherman ten years ago. Six years ago he was on a steamboat running between Memphis and New Orleans and…

Long Lost Son 1-1-1898.tif
Margret Young, sold and separated from her family in 1861, was reunited with her son Dowen Young as Christmas gift. Margret and her three children lived, all slaves of John Arthur, in Clay County, MO near the town of Liberty when the civil war broke…

Robert Booker searching for his sister, Henrietta Manor.

David McKinney 6-4-1892.tif
Stella is searching for her father David McKinney. He was an orderly sergeant in the 9th heavy artillery of the 9th US Cavalry Co. Last heard from in Pomeroy, Ohio.

Richmond Planet Dec 9 1899.png
Adline Curriton, Macon, GA, searching for her son, Sampson Her[?]z

Caroline McAdoy seeking information of her son, Munroe McAdoy.


Ferguson. National Tribune May 6 1909.jp2
James Ferguson, Steubenville, OH, wants to learn about his father, Allen Clark, who escaped slavery in Orange County, VA, and joined Union army

Julia Carter, Ferguson, AR, searching for Isaac Carter, his sister Martha Carter, his brother Aley Carter, and their brother Luther Gray/Luther Carter
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