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Green Sep 29 1910.jp2
T.C. Yates, Lieutenant, 4th Independent Company, Feesburg, OH, searching for "a colored man named Green"

George Simpson National Tribune Apr 22 1909.jp2
George Simpson searching for George Simpson, a slave in Clay County, MO, who enlisted in Civil War regiment

Richard Dillard.jp2
Richard Dillard, Pettus, AR, searching for his brother, Joe Nitlett, and sister, Katie Dillard

Caroline McAdory searching for her son, Monroe Harvey.

2 (3).tif
Margaret Hays seeking information of her son, Henry Mays.


Maggie Lucas searching for her father Issac Wolford.


Bettie (Nelson) Cox searching for her brothers Joe and George Nelson.

Benjamin Butler searching for Peter R. Laws.

James L, Ferguson searching for his parents Winston and Charity Ferguson; his siblings Washington, Dick, Joanna, and Katie Ferguson; and Carter and George Ferguson.
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