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A.J. Cooper 8-13-1885.tif
A. J. Cooper is searching for his father Clay Finner and his uncle Jacob Finner. They belonged to Joe Finner in Tippah County near Ripley, MS. The last he heard of them was in Aberdeen, MS. His mother's name was Annie Finner and she was sold away…

A. M. Proctor seeking information of his sisters, Henrietta and Julia.


A. B. Dickson 7-31-1884.tif
A.B. Dickson is searching for his grandparents Austin and Dilsa Dixon and the three children they were traveling with, Caroline, Vigil, and William. He left them in Rutherford, TN in 1848. They were owned by DC. Dement and, after his death, sold to…

A.D. Coleman searching for his brother Anderson Turner, sister-in-law Delilia, niece Henrietta, nephew John, daughter Lucy Turner, sister Elizabeth Alexander. He's also looking for Violet Norrell and her children, Henry, Timorus, Edith, and a…


A.J. Turner searching for their father, Alfred Gwinn and sister Everetta.


A. R. Rimawr (sp?) seeking information of his or her grandparents and aunt and uncle who were former slaves

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jan 28 1893.jpg
Abner Johnson is looking for his brother Jordan Johnson


Abraham, Issac or Jacob Chase searching for their sister Jane Chase.

Abram White 9-24-1885.tif
Abram White is searching for his sister Mary Jackson whom he left in Fayette County, AL. His mother, Lucinda, and three brothers were sold to ship and brought to Texas along with his step father Jack Smith. The brothers' names were Western, Clark,…


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