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Jacob Brown searching for his sister Arena/Arenir, his uncles Richard and Joseph Cassam and his nephews, Moses , Issac, and Peter.

H.P. Riley searching for his brothers Charles, Irvin and Bob and his brother-in-law Peter Pryor

Francis Early searching for his two children Monroe and Mary Early.

Lucinda Reynolds searching for her parents William and Matilda Reynolds.

Hagar Outlaw searching for her children Cherry, Viny, Milla, Noah, Julia, John, Eli, and Thomas Rembry Outlaw. She also mentions a Hugh Outlaw.

Alfred Skinner searching for his wife Rebecca Skinner, and their children Nancy, Keziah, Joanna, Martha, Hester, Catharine and Griscilla Skinner.

Isom Allston searching for his brothers James, Philip and Osborn Johnson.


Larcenie Mayhoe searching for her children Thaddeus, Edmund, Mary, and Albert Jones.

W. A. Bookram searching for his/her grandchildren Ransom, George, and Andrew. They also are looking for a pair of twins, Martha Ann and unknown name, and a woman named Charity Ward.


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Mary Davis seeking information on her aunt Anna O'Neil who was sold in Virginia while the rest of the family was sent to Florida. (see also James H. Davis' ad of same year)
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