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Mrs. Lucy King searching for her brother, Wallace, and sisters, Minnerva and Juda Braxton, children of Robert Braxton and Malvina Braxton. They were sold from Hampton, VA.

Sun. New York NY. Sep 9 1888.jp2
Sophia Brown, daughter of Harriet King and Isham King, was sold from Virginia to Mississippi.

1902. Richmond Planet. Apr 19 1902.png
Mother, Frances Woodson/Frances Bowles, sold from Goochland County, VA, to Florida.

National Republican. Washington DC. May 20 1875.jp2
Emmanuel and Caroline Jacobs searching for their son. He was "a slave of Daniel R. McNeal," Hardy County, VA. "Sold to Southern traders" before the Civil War.

New National Era. Washington DC September 29 1870.jp2
Martha Ward searching for her sister, Rosetta McQuillin. She was sold from Norfolk, VA, to a Frenchman in Mobile, AL, about 30 years ago

Alexandria VA Gazette. May 26 1866.jp2
Fanny Harris searching for her children, James, Jane, and Louisa Harris. "Have been in the South for several years." [They were presumably sold South]. Formerly "belonging to Mr. Frederick Foote, of Prince William county."

Richmond Planet Mar 15 1902.jp2
Braxton Mitchell, Spring Hill, KS, searching for his brothers and sisters.

Richmond Planet Mar 29 1902.jp2
Married "long before John Brown's Insurrection." Husband, of Harpers' Ferry, VA [now Harpers Ferry, WV], sold to Richmond, VA. Has not heard from him since.

1902 Brooks. The Richmond Planet Jul 19.jp2
Susan Brooks was born in Kinston [Kingston?], VA. Daughter of Jeffrey and Delsie Miller. Sold as a small child, in a "drove led by Mr. Trice or Price." Belonged to Philip Miller's estate.
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