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Adam Sisson.png
Adam Sisson, aka Adam Webb, of St. Joseph, MO, searching for mother Fanny Webb and siblings, Fanny Elizabeth Webb and Alexander Webb

Alexander Ward was sold in Huntsville, AL, in 1859. Left his father, John Ward, in VA.

Alfred Tyler.jp2
Alfred Tyler, Springvale, VA, searching for his step-sons, William Nelson Green and Robert Nelson Green, sold in Washington County, VA in 1860

Ann Eliza Marbly, Nashville, TN, searching for her parents, Dollie and Jack Hicks, and other relatives

The Colored American Washington DC. This Mar 21 1903 version is best image quality. This ad ran for several months..beginning Sep 6 1902.jp2
Betty Reynolds, Atlanta, GA, searching for brother, Saunk Joyce, sold in Mecklenburg, VA, several years before Civil War

Caroline Perkin.jpg
Caroline Perkin, Peachers Mills, TN, searching for her mother, Hannah Penn

Richmond Planet. Jan 18 1902.jp2
Charlie Oliver (born Dandridge Vius) searching for his grandfather. Charlie was sold in 1859. His grandfather was free all his life and a barber in Richmond, VA since 1855.

NY Globe Apr 26 1884.png
Charlotte Blackville's son and daughter [Fanny Jackson and presumably Oscar Jackson] searching for her

Ed Kneeright searching for his grandmother, Lucy Walter; grandmother's children Cherry, Sam, and Rachel; and father Jack Walter.
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