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Adam Sisson.png
Adam Sisson, aka Adam Webb, of St. Joseph, MO, searching for mother Fanny Webb and siblings, Fanny Elizabeth Webb and Alexander Webb

Caroline Perkin.jpg
Caroline Perkin, Peachers Mills, TN, searching for her mother, Hannah Penn

Louise Caw.jpg
Louise Caw, Knoxville, TN, searching for her son, Mansfield Crutchfield

Louisa West.jpg
Louisa West, Jonesborough, TN, searching for son, Thomas Russel. A Confederate lieutenant took him to Richmond, VA in 1865.

Ann Eliza Marbly, Nashville, TN, searching for her parents, Dollie and Jack Hicks, and other relatives

Mary and Eliza Bailey.pdf
Unnamed, St. Louis, looking for Mary Bailey and Eliza Bailey. Children sold South from Saline County, MO in 1860 or 1861.

NY Globe Apr 26 1884.png
Charlotte Blackville's son and daughter [Fanny Jackson and presumably Oscar Jackson] searching for her

NY Globe May 3 1884.png
Fanny Jackson, Washington, DC, searching for mother, Charlotte Blackville, sold in Stafford County, VA, one year before Civil War

May Frances Thomas.jpg
First Ad: May Frances and Walter Thomas looking for father Lewis Thomas
Second Ad: May France and Walter Thomas found their father
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