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A coachman in Columbus, OH, and his brother, a minister, found their elderly father in Washington, DC, in 1883. They had been sold apart from each other before the Civil War. (Their names are not given in the newspaper article. Additional research is…

Hampton was sold away from her mother, in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War.

Thomas Sheals is searching for his mother, three cousins, and wife.

Rev. John Mayo searching for his wife's sister, Patience Sophia Manning, and the sister's mother and grandmother.

Silas Johnson searching for his mother, Passion; brother, Issac; sister and brother-in-law, Martha and Joe Hinds; sister-in-law Lucy; and nephew Silas.

George Villars seeking information of his sister, Mary Carethers.

Mary Jane Jackson seeking information of her family.

Rev. J.J. Turner searching for his mother, Maria; brother Zachariah Taylor; and sisters Mary, Sarah, and Dollie Ann.

Agnes Harden searching for her siblings: John, Wash, Jim, Dudley, Mary, Harriet, Mealia, and Frances.

Sophy Bailey.jp2
Sophy Bailey, Savannah, GA, searching for her father, Jeff Taylor, brothers, and sisters, King William County, VA

Lucy Kirby, of Norfolk, VA, searching for her son Richard Kirby aka Dick Kirby. Sold two years before the Civil War.

Mimey Grigsby.jp2
Mimey Grigsby searching for her children, sold from the estate of Lucius Dixon, Fauquier County, VA, in 1844

SCA70 J.jpg
Harriet Dupree seeking information of her father, David Brannomn.

SCA36 J.jpg
Bettie Chatman seeking information of her mother, sisters, and brothers.

Rev. Geo. A. Payne searching for his parents Walter and Sarah, grandmother Gracia, uncle Tobe, and unnamed siblings.

SCA09 J.jpg
Cal Strong, formerly Strong Carter, seeking information of his sister, Manda.

nov 20 1879 part 2 J.jpg
Morgan and Adeline Cammon seeking information of their family.

may 26 1881 J.jpg
Lee Susanberby seeking information of their brothers and sisters.

Madison Moore searching for their mother Charity Smith.

june 10 1880 part 2 J.jpg
Rev. John Jackson seeking information of his sister, Gensay.

John Shackelford.png
John Shackelford looking for mother, brother, and six sisters

banks apr 17 79.jpg
Cassa Banks is looking for her daughter Elizabeth Melvin/Melven

RP69 J.jpg
Spencer Coleman seeking information of his relatives.

Frederick Tyler.jpg
Wants to find his children

P. M. Carmichael.jpg
Wishing to find information of an aunt and uncle.
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