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A coachman in Columbus, OH, and his brother, a minister, found their elderly father in Washington, DC, in 1883. They had been sold apart from each other before the Civil War. (Their names are not given in the newspaper article. Additional research is…

A woman named Jane searching for her mother, Sallie Smith, and her sisters Celia Smith, Lydia Calcoat, and Ann Smith/Martha Riley.

Jacob Gardiner 2-14-1891.tif
Geo. Gardiner is searching for his father Jacob Gardiner, a slave belonging to Thomas G. Gardiner of Grimwell County, KY. Jacob was freed in 1846, went to Handover, IN near Madison, where he worked for Dr. Hayes. He carried with him his wife and a…

John Shackelford.png
John Shackelford looking for mother, brother, and six sisters

Looking for Friends2.28.1884.jpg
She is looking for friends and family of Jackson Jennings.

Julia A. Clark searching for her siblings Reuben Gibbins, William Gibbins, and Jane Godsey.

Hazel Phillip searching for her sister Emma Thompson and Cornelius Phillips/Johnston.


Alexander Reynolds searching for his parents, and his siblings James, Mickey, Charlotte, George, Sam, Jerry, Sarah, and Mary.


Rachel (Janes) Narrid searching for Elia, Dina, Rachel, Lucy, and Mary Jane Janes

Fannie Highland searching for her children Charles Lafayette, Eleonore, and William Edward Lafayette.
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