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Williams 1-13-1900.jpg
Isaac Bray is looking for his father, Carter Bray.

E.D. Hicks searching for his mother Harriett Hicks , sisters Rhoda and Mariah, and his brothers Alonzo and Solomon.

William Love is looking for his lost son, Jackson. He left with General Sherman's army in March 1865, during the Civil War.

Louis McCowen.jpg
He is searching for his sons who left with the federal army in 1864.

Squire Norman.jpg
He is searching for wife and daughter.

Washington Waller.jpg
Washington Waller searching for his father, Washington Waller Sr.

johnson apr 17 79.jpg
George Johnson is lookig for his brother-in-law Houston McLemore, the son of Jim and Adline McLemore.

Myers ad.png
Susan Myers looking for son Samuel Wilson Myers

James Hall.png
James Hall searching for son, Wesley
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