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They were separated in Morgan County, Georgia, in 1844.

A. Johnson Found sister 11-13-1884.tif
A. Johnson found his sister and was happy to hear from her. [This occurred as a result of an ad he placed in the Southwestern Christian Advocate on June 5, 1884 searching for her]


They were separated, in Kentucky, by sale 37 years earlier [ca 1849]. Albert Harris found his wife after searching since the Civil War.

First Ad: Alcy Boon seeking information of her mother, Manervia Watson.


Foley, of Natchez, Mississippi, found his wife in 1891 in Carrollton, Kentucky. They had been separated by sale [in Virginia?]

Edwards and Gibson had been enslaved in Pike County, Missouri. Edwards was sold South 35 years earlier [ca 1853]. They reunited in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1888, and remarried then.

B.L. Nevils 5-15-1884.tif
B.L. Nevils is writing to inform Mr. Anthony Grifnin that his brother, Isam Davenport, who he requested information about, has died in Okolona, Choctaw County, MS. He does not know exactly when.


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First Ad: Bettie Johnson seeking information of her father, Edwin Childs.

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David Walke sold away from his wife, Nancy Gibbs, 32 years ago [ca 1839], taken from Norfolk, Virginia, to New Orleans. Walke returned to Norfolk and they reunited in 1871.
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