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Anderson, age 20, disappeared in December 1871. Ad placed in Baltimore, MD, in January 1872. During Reconstruction.

Friends searching for Eliza Jane Hammond, who wandered away from home in 1868, during Reconstruction. She is supposed to be in Baltimore, Maryland.

Motte, and the child's mother, searching for a four year old "colored boy" who "strayed" away. Ad placed in Wilmington, North Carolina, two weeks before the Civil War ended.

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Parker Moore and Sarah Moore searching for Sarah's husband, Aaron Moore, of Belair, MD. Went missing during the Civil War, while traveling to Baltimore to claim exemption from the draft.

Joseph Johnson's wife seeking information on her husband who disappear on May 2 from his house. Offers $100 reward for information.

Matthew and Harry Garrett searching for their father Ashton Garrett
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