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William Volantine (now named William Robinson) was once a slave in Baltimore, now living in New Bedford, MA. He is searching for his brother, Joshua, who was also a slave in Baltimore and went to Philadelphia three years earlier [ca 1846]. An…

Dority searching for his mother, Mary Ann Dority, and his sister, Mary Jane Dority

Smith searching for his mother, Eveline Wade, his step-father, Mike Wade, and his Heair brothers and sisters

Mrs. J.W. Willis, Youngstown, Ohio, searching for sister Malinda Rogers and brother William. Last saw them in 1874 on Asheland plantation, Washington, Mississippi.

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Byrd, of Rome, Georgia, searching for Alfred Byrd and Jennie Byrd

Brother "belonged to" Jack Graves. Last heard from in Greenville, Mississippi, eight years ago [ca. 1883].


Pope searching for his siblings: Polly Pope, Milly Kane, Adeline Jane Pope, Joe Pope, and Larkin Pope. He left them in 1863, after the fall of Vicksburg, Mississippi, during the Civil War.

While enslaved, Jennings was taken from Shelby, North Carolina, to Attala County, Mississippi

Tolliver, of Des Moines, Iowa, was sold away from Daviess County, Missouri, at age 9 [in ca 1848]. In 1903, he learned that his father lives in Leavenworth, Kansas, and visited him.

She would like to find her mother. "I was sold during the second year of the war."
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