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Alfred Yancey 7-8-1885.tif
Alfred Yancey is searching for his seven brothers and one sister whom he left in Granville County, NC in 1839. They all belonged to a lawyer name Abraham Venable. His mother's name was Pinkey and his father's name was Joshua. His brothers were…

Jas. Booker (James Anderson) searching for his parents Bob and Lucy Anderson; sisters Mary, Kate, Harriet; and uncle, Jack Anderson.

Allison Washington searching for his parents George and Catherine, brothers James and John, sisters Bettie and Mary Ann, and his aunt and uncle, Phoebe and Allison.

Robert Henderson (Nat Calbert) searching for his parents, Race and Millia Calbert; sister ---rietta Calbert; and brother, Charles Calbert.

Salley Benell searching for her son, Cole Grifford.

Sarah (Smith) Key searching for her brothers John Snowden, Andrew Brown, and Henry Wilson; sister Priscilla Brown; and relatives Marie and Francis Johnson.

Rhods-Leftwich 9-3-1892 HQ.tif
Mrs. Francis Chilcoat is searching for her sisters Emiline Octavia and Rhoda and her brothers John, Henrey and James Leftwich. They all belonged to Major Tom Leftwich at Liberty, Bedford County, VA before the war when she last saw them. She was…

Stephen Crab 6-4-1892.tif
Mrs. Sarah Bell is searching for her husband Stephen Crab, also known as Pheonix. He belonged to Jerry Crab in Platte County, MO and ran away about 3 or 4 years before the war. I used to belong to William Clay.

SCA_1883913_BELL (I).jpg
Mrs. Chas. H. Bell searching for her parents, Jesse and Amy; sisters Betsy, Mary, Ann, Prudence, and Amy; brothers Daniel, Sawny, Jesse, Tase, Davy and Cambrick.

Rachel Alexander searching for her mother, Charlotte Alexander; Henry, Martin, and Burrel Shakelford; and sisters Hannah, Amy, Rose, Sidney and Phoebe.


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