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G.W. Beaman 5-1-1884.tif
G. W. Beaman is searching for his uncle Coleman Easell who he has not heard from since 1871. He was then in Concordia Parish, LA. His mother was Hannah Easell, his father was Joe Easell, and his brother was David Easell.

Frederick Pryor 5-7-1885.tif
Fredrick Pryor searching for his father Frederick Pryor, mother Betsy Pryor, a sister named Edward, and a brother whose name he doesn't remember. He left his father in McGavelin County, VA near Richmond. He doesn't remember who his brother was sold…

F.J. Yeargin 7-1-1885.tif
F.J. Yeargin is searching for his mother Lovely Goods, sister Silva, and brother Daniel and Anderson Goods. He left them on the Salt Works road in Washington County, Virginia twelve miles from Aviton. He has not seen them since 1840.

Elvira Clayton 12-17-1885.tif
Elvira Clayton searching for her father Peter Lafrance, mother Jane Lafrance, brothers John Parstco Lafrance and Albert Lafrance, and sisters Maria, Harriet, and Sally. John was sold Arkansas before she can remember. Albert was sold in Memphis, TN…

Eliza Gedding 4-24-1884.tif
Eliza Gedding is searching for her daughter Sarah Francis Brown who was sold from her when she was about 10 years old. They were formerly servants of Elizabeth Hoflers. She was carried south by a man named McGill and sold to a man in Haywood named…

Ellen Blackburn 10-23-1884.tif
Ellen Blackburn is searching for her brothers Henry Perkins and George Washington who were last heard from in St. Louis three years ago. They belonged to Perkins and in 1843 were sold to a speculator named Matlock and brought to Texas. Her father…

Catherine Strong 5-15-1884.tif
Catherine Strong searching for her mother's family who she left in Norfolk, VA. Her mother's mother Betsy Ridley, father Thomas Moseley, sisters Lizzie and Georgana, and brother William. Her mother was sold from Ridley to Ruskin and he sold Caroline…

Betty Davis 4-2-1885.tif
Betty Davis searching for her mother Prescella and brother Henry. They used to belong to Michael Watson and lived between Macon and Knoxville on the public road in Georgia. She left them there when she was quite small long before the war. Watson…

Ben Black 6-11-1885.tif
Ben Black is searching for his mother Millie Black whom he parted from in 1827 in Big Black, MS. She had a son named Charles Black and a sister named Leah.

Becky Henry 4-24-1884.tif
Becky Henry is searching for her sister Liza Tracy who she left in Georgia two miles outside of Allatoona. She was taken to the ironworks by her master Bird Tracy and the last time Becky heard from her was in 1855. Tracy had bought her from Leonard…
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