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Las Vegas Weekly Optic and Stock Grower. East Las Vegas NM. Sep 30 1899.jp2
Washington, DC attorneys searching for Wm. Beeks. His mother left him small amount of money. She was a servant in the family of Carlos Carballo, at army Fort Union, in New Mexico, about 25 years ago [ca. 1874]

Evening Star. Washington DC Sep 4 1899.jp2
William Woods wrote a letter to the DC Chief of Police in search of his mother, Mrs. Flora Woods. Woods served in the navy from 1872 to 1878.

Evening Star. Washington DC. January 5 1882.jp2
Mrs. Virginia Waugh, Washington, DC, searching for Washington Magruder, age 87

Alexandria VA Gazette. Mar 24 1894.jp2
John Marlow, Dallas, TX, searching for Emma Griffin, Pierce Griffin, Ancos Griffin, Matilda Griffin, Caroline Griffin, Kittie Davis, George Griffin, Mamie Griffin, and Daniel Griffin. Emma left Washington DC in 1870.

National Republican. Washington DC Oct 26 1887.jp2
Ellen Dixon searching for her son. He went to New York with a Union regiment. Includes transcription of memorandum written by former master, John T. Bloxham, during the Civil War, when John Dixon left.

Alexandria Gazette. Alexandria VA March 4 1879.jp2
William Clair, Alexandria, VA, searching for William or Robert Bell

Colored American. Washington DC. May 17 1902.jp2
William Walker searching for David Walker, a sailor and a colored Mason, Blue Lodge No. 4 or 5, Boston, MA

National Republican. Washington DC. Dec 2 1885.jp2
Jerusha Williams, Washington, DC, searching for her parents, Pompey Williams and Susan Williams. Last seen with Mr. William Alberty
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