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Pope searching for his siblings: Polly Pope, Milly Kane, Adeline Jane Pope, Joe Pope, and Larkin Pope. He left them in 1863, after the fall of Vicksburg, Mississippi, during the Civil War.

Beverly Fulks is searching for several relatives, including her mother, father, aunts, cousin, four brothers, and six sisters.

Daily Empire. Dayton OH Jan 30 1866.jp2
Harrison Eaton, Dayton, OH, searching for brother John Eaton, of 1st Mississippi Colored Regiment

Annetta Goodwin searching for her father Thomas Jones; brothers Charles, Drury Richard, and Robt, Jones; sisters Jennie Ales and Julia Francis Anderson, Kinnie Johnson, Susan Jones, and Leanna Bald; daughter Missouri; and unnamed granddaughter.

Allen Davis searching for his sisters Josephine Davis and Rosana Hill, and brother John Davis.

Silvie Hughes searching for her husband, Preston Hughes, and brother, Henry Graves.

Betsey Dod searching for her father Summer Thompson; mother Easter; brothers Williams, Sam, and Major; sisters Sarah, Ann, and Rosa; and her son Samuel Dod.
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