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Carnahan meets his brother, Silas, for the first time since the Civil War. They were "slave children in Arkansas and were separated by the war."

Rev. Henson, of Austin, Texas, finds his father after a decades-long search. His father traveled from Alabama to Austin to see him but died within two days.

The wife of Wesley Torry, of San Antonio, Texas, was sold away from him before the Civil War. They found each other 21 years later, in 1882.

Cobble found her sons, Thurston Cobble and Ned Cobble. They were sold to a New Orleans slave trader in Richmond, VA, 40 years earlier, in 1849, to fund slaveholder's trip to gold rush California.

Last seen in Waco, TX, in 1866, by his sister-in-law, Phyliss Pettigrew

Ross and Jenkins searching for their sister, Mrs. Augusta Ridley (nee Wells)

Evening Star. Washington DC Sep 4 1899.jp2
William Woods wrote a letter to the DC Chief of Police in search of his mother, Mrs. Flora Woods. Woods served in the navy from 1872 to 1878.

Alexandria VA Gazette. Mar 24 1894.jp2
John Marlow, Dallas, TX, searching for Emma Griffin, Pierce Griffin, Ancos Griffin, Matilda Griffin, Caroline Griffin, Kittie Davis, George Griffin, Mamie Griffin, and Daniel Griffin. Emma left Washington DC in 1870.

Brenham TX Weekly Banner. Feb 9 1882.jp2
Elder T. Cooper, Brenham, TX, searching for his brother Job Jameson, who came to Texas soon after the Civil War
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