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campbell jan 23 79.jpg
Kansas Campbell is looking for her sister Fanny McQueen

harden jan 16 79.jpg
Lucy Harden is looking for Anderson, Marie, Peter, Zadie, Green, and Lavie Harden.

harden jan 9 79.jpg
Lucy Harden, formerly Minnie West, is looking for her mother Mary Glover, father Squire West, sister Lucy Nelson, and brothers Brooks and Wilson West.

Henry (Sarrels) Jones searching for his sister Mary Ann Sarrels.

Elliot Lann.jpg
Polly Lann/Elliot searching for her parents James and Mary Williams, and her sisters Jane and Susan.

Jake Thomas searching for Caroline and Henry Turner.

Maria Laws searching for her parents Nellie and Dick Goldby.

Brice Hord seeking information of his parents and sisters.

6 (7).tif
Eliza Holmes seeking information of her husband and son, whom she wishes to see before she dies.
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