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Benjamin Muse searching for his parents, Washington and Elva, and his siblings Alse, Jacob, Daniel, Elias and Martha. Benjamin and one of his brothers were sold and brought to Texas, but he doesn't specify which brother.

David Young searching for his stepfather's parents and siblings Partheney, Emily, Joanna, Charles Henry, and possibly a brother John, although that could also be the stepfather's name.

Hullan Sullivan searching for their father, Issac Sherman; mother, Maria; sisters Eda and Maria; and brother Ephraim.

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Mary Jane Renfro searching for her aunts, Lizzie Robertson and Lucy Hunter.

Mary Louise Pratts searching for her two sisters, Juliette and Mary Noel.

Henry Clay searching for his mother, Mathilda Gill. A second version of the ad ran on August 2, 1883.

Elvira Bright searching for her mother, Martha Miner. She also mentions her sister, Cinthia Ann.

Aggie Smith searching for her father, Joshua Daniel; mother Lucinda Metval; brother, Wesley Smith; sister, Millie Smith; and daughter, Annie.

Shep (Mercarter) Renfro searching for his parents Dick and Lucy, and siblings Aaron, Peter, Bird, Alcie, Sarah, and Issac.
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