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National Tribune. Washington DC. June 20 1907.jp2
Catherine Bruester searching for Green Baker or Green Bruester, who joined a Tennessee colored regiment in 1862

Memphis Daily Appeal. July 11 1878.jp2
Worden Scott and Mary A. Scott searching for Worden's father, John Scott

Charlotte McGee searching for her parents, Thos. Olive and Fannie Holt; grandmother, Sarah Holt; sisters Dollie, Angeline, and Fannie Jane; brother, Wm. Holt; and her aunt Malinda Whitaker,

Nathan Christman searching for his mother, Aggie Harris; father Billy Broadneck; brothers Issac and David, sister Renie; and other siblings including Aban(?), Billy and Aggie.

The Watchman and Southron. Sumter SC. Dec 23 1896.jp2
Frank Fleming, Nashville, TN, searching for his uncles, Robert Tigg and Littlejohn Vance, South Carolina

Nashville Republican Banner 30 Aug 1873.png
Sally Wilson searching for her husband, John Wilson, who left home without explanation

Alexandria Gazette Dec 10 1900.jp2
A.B. Carter searching for Benjamin Harris, a "true and faithful servant" before and during Civil War. Carter was Captain of Co. F, 6th VA Cavalry.
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