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Wm. Winchester searching for his friend, Alexander Spencer.

Mary Camp searching for her mother's/her family. She's looking for Judy Camp, Warner, an unnamed brother, Thomas, Gideon Bradford.

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Mary Piggue searching for her mother, Violet; brothers Thomas and Patrick Henry; and sisters Julia, Hannah and Maria.

Maria Ross searching for her parents Lucinda and Major Sanders; sisters Susan and Margaret; uncles John and Harry; and aunts Bettie and Lillie.

Jeff Greene searching for father Sam Donelson, sisters Hettie and Angeline Donelson, and brothers Greene and Richard.

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William Lewis, Nashville, TN, wrote to the sheriff of Abbeville County, SC in search of his family

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J.T. Henry searching for his grandmother Giser, aunt Fanny, and uncle John. The second ad notes that his mother, July Farrow, now lives in Tennessee, Texas.
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