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earheart feb 27 79.jpg
Frank Earheart is looking for Frank Pelum or his heirs

curry jan 23 79.jpg
Margaret Curry is looking for her husband's sisters Julia, Martha, and Nancy and his brother Damar Curry.

riddick dec 22 94.jpg
Nannie Riddick is looking for her brother Bolding Riddick

crow june 23 94.jpg
Richard Crow, alias John Rice, is looking for his siblings: Mary Crow, Harlet Crow, Lizzie Crow, Dave Crow, James Crow. He gives more information about them than in his previous ad (June 9, 1894).

John and his wife Elizabeth Hall searching for William Buck, Elizabeth's brother.

Mary Smith Palmyra searching for her parents Thomas and Roda Hawkins, and her younger brother Henderson Hawkins.

Amanda Fields searching for her father Joseph Mias

G.J. Jackson searching for his sister Tobitha Jackson.

JJ Brown.jpg
J.J. Brown searching for his brother Thos. Brown and his cousins, Monroe and Nero Brown.
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