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Freeman was sold in Dover, Tennessee, in 1863, during the Civil War. Reunited with her mother in 1892.

She went from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Georgia, in 1867 in search of her father. Has not been heard from since.

Reunited in Janesville, Wisconsin. Hiram Jefferson was separated from his family after the capture of Fort Donelson, during the Civil War.

Harris and Brooks were separated by sale in 1859 in Louisiana. They found each other in 1904 and remarried in Fresno, California.

They married "according to slave laws" in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 60 years earlier [ca 1837]. They were separated by sale seven years later. Reunited and remarried in Oskaloosa, Iowa, in 1897.

Mary Green, in St. Louis, MO, searching for her son, who was raised on Milton Covington's plantation 25 miles north of Natchez, MS. Ad placed during the Civil War.

Ella Allison searching for her mother, Mollie Martin, and step-father, David Martin. Robert Allison searching for Elder B. Smith.

Coleman is searching for her sister, Birdie Thomas. Reward offered.

National Tribune. Washington DC. June 20 1907.jp2
Catherine Bruester searching for Green Baker or Green Bruester, who joined a Tennessee colored regiment in 1862

Memphis Daily Appeal. July 11 1878.jp2
Worden Scott and Mary A. Scott searching for Worden's father, John Scott
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