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Eason wrote a letter to the mayor of Richmond, Virginia, in search of his brother, who was sold in Richmond several years before the Civil War.

Fanny Strong was sold to a Mr. Thompson in Richmond, Virginia. Her parents were Joe and Sallie, siblings were Sucky, Dollie, Rachel, Joseph, and Green.

Hayes and her children, Mansa and Helen, were taken from the Raleigh, North Carolina, area to Richmond, Virginia, and sold there in 1863, during the Civil War.

Daniel Jackson searching for his uncles, Peter Jackson and Thomas Jackson, sons of Daniel Jackson. They were born in Maryland and sold to Richmond, VA.

Richard Early, son of Dolly Early, searching for his brothers and sisters. He and brother, Abraham, sold and brought to Richmond, VA

Daily Dispatch. Richmond VA. April 23 1868.jp2
Lucinda Coates sold in Richmond, VA. She is "supposed to be either here or in its vicinity."

Richmond Planet Mar 29 1902.jp2
Married "long before John Brown's Insurrection." Husband, of Harpers' Ferry, VA [now Harpers Ferry, WV], sold to Richmond, VA. Has not heard from him since.

Richmond Planet. Oct 5 1907 copy.jp2
Hannah Henderson (now Hannah Neil) searching for her brother, Neil Henderson (or Neal Henderson) and her sister, Pollie (nee) Henderson.
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