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A.A. Martin is searching for Noelle Warner, a little girl about eight years old. He is searching on behalf of her mother, Mattie Lee Warner.

Easter Jones searching for her mother-in-law Kitty Russ, brother-in-law Christopher Russ, and another brother-in-law Edmond Gooden Russ.

Peter Morgan.jpg
He is looking for his father Sam Morgan.

winn june 30 94.jpg
Elmyra Winn, formerly Haskins, is looking for her father Walker Haskins

shelton dec 8 94.jpg
Elder Nat Shelton is looking for his daughter Rosa Shelton

edmonds apr 21 94.jpg
Thomas Lee Edmonds is looking for his brother Albert Edmonds

rosa johnson oct 21 93.jpg
Rosa Johnson a.k.a. Celia Ann Johnson is looking for her parents, Peggie and Jessie Johnson, and George Turner.

mr braxton oct 7 93.jpg
F.F. McComas is looking for the heirs (children) of the deceased William Braxton: Mentzer, William, Aenes, and Angeline Braxton.

JJ Brown.jpg
J.J. Brown searching for his brother Thos. Brown and his cousins, Monroe and Nero Brown.

RP34 J.jpg
Mrs. Ray seeking information of her daughter, Janie L. Green.
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