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Patison mar 6 79.jpg
Edmond Patison is looking for his brother Ephraim Patison

fields feb 20 79.jpg
Mary Ann Fields is looking for her sister Josephine Cook

annie powe apr 7 94.jpg
Annie Powe, formerly named Clarissa Miles, is looking for for her father Gilbert, mother Leah Miles, sister Mary Ann Miles, sister Levy Miles, and a brother whose name she forgot.

Molly Moody searching for her brothers Jerry and Reuben Burks.

Anna Adams searching for her brother.

G.J. Jackson searching for his sister Tobitha Jackson.

Julia Harrison searching for her brother Julius Harrison.

jane gates may 20 65-1.jpg
Jane Gates is looking for her daughters Pruly and Glora Brenate

bosley davis may 20 65.jpg
Bosley Davis is looking for his wife Margaret Davis
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