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A coachman in Columbus, OH, and his brother, a minister, found their elderly father in Washington, DC, in 1883. They had been sold apart from each other before the Civil War. (Their names are not given in the newspaper article. Additional research is…

Davis's friends are searching for her. She formerly "belonged to" Dr. West, of Hinds County, MS. Was last heard from in Richmond, VA. Contact Rev. P.B. Price, Richmond, VA.

Rev. Henant and "Willy," or Amanda Brown, searching for her brother, Philip Henry.


Rev. J.H. Braby left Elrod, Alabama, last year [ca. 1904]. Last heard of in Georgia.

Eliza, daughter of Rev. Charles Pollard, was sold away from Maryland about 1859. Was last seen on a steamboat going up the Red River.

Searching for Hezekiah, William Capers, Robert, and Laura. A white Methodist preacher named Ledbetter carried them from South Carolina to Alabama at the time of the Civil War.

She lives in Jacksonville, Illinois. Her son, James Blue, lived in Jackson County, Kansas, when last heard from [in ca 1864, during the Civil War].

Marlow searching for Rev. Green, a preacher and doctor who was married near Excelsior, North Carolina

Rev. Henson, of Austin, Texas, finds his father after a decades-long search. His father traveled from Alabama to Austin to see him but died within two days.

Ella Allison searching for her mother, Mollie Martin, and step-father, David Martin. Robert Allison searching for Elder B. Smith.

Searching for her brother

Mrs. J.T. Gayton searching for relatives, Magnolia Scott and sister Annie Scott. Left them in Nashville when a small child.

Nannie Depew is searching for her son, Johnny Brown, who sometimes lives in Richmond.


SCA_1883126_HARDEMAN (I).jpg
Lewis Hardeman commenting on the calls for ministers to share ads. He says that in his travels to various churches, he has not heard these ads read at all.

Eliza Bell 6-5-1884.tif
Eliza Bell is searching for her mother, father, brothers and sisters. Her mother was Katy Bradshaw, sisters Juan and Suetary, a half sister Caroline White, and brothers Lewis, Armstead, Aaron, Benjamin, Emile Crawford, and Harry Allen. Her half…

Dock Terrell 5-21-1885.tif
Dock Terrell is searching for his son Sandford Terrell who was last heard from in 1883 in New Orleans. Dock was in Arkansas at the time but is now in Mississippi, ten miles west of Grenada. He would like ministers to read this from their pulpits.

C.L. Dickinson 4-23-1885.tif
C.L. Dickinson is searching for the Rev. J.G. Thompson and his wife Amelia who were formerly of the Liberia Conference.


Brantly Herrill 10-22-1885.tif
Brantly Herrill is searching for his mother. Their old home was near Britton's Cross Road, Bertie County, NC where they belonged to Powell Herrill. His uncle Charley and mother were bought by a widow lady Polly Johnson and her son James who carried…


Bettie Moore 10-8-1885.tif
Bettie Moore is searching for her sisters, Anna Liza Brown and Cornelius, and brother Walter Bell. The first sister was born from her father, Norvel Bell's first wife Maria Bishop, while her, Walter, and Cornelius were born from his second wife,…

Polly (Harbor) Miner searching for her sister Patsey Berley.

Salley Benell searching for her son, Cole Grifford.

SCA_1883118 (II)_HARBERT.jpg
Charlotte Harbert searching for her older children Clark Wesley, Allen Jackson, and Mary Ann.

SCA_1883118 (II)_COLLINS.jpg
Jack Collins (Henry Warren) searching for his mother, Katie Lee, and/or sister Mariah.
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