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Born in Nansemond County, VA. Sons of Lydia Williams. Richard last saw Solomon on the battlefield in Falmouth, VA, in 1863, during the Civil War.

Hatcher left child at home of Mrs. S. Mitchell, Richmond, VA. Mitchell replied, saying Hatcher knows his wife got the child in 1902, and that Hatcher promised to pay Mitchell for keeping the child eleven months, which she has not received.

Lillie left Richmond, Virginia, for New York, four years ago [ca. 1897].

Samuel Gould searching for Sandy Gould and Wm. Gould, son and nephew of Nicholas Gould, who came from Richmond, VA, during the Civil War

1902..Richmond Planet. June 7 1902.jp2
Seeking Charlotte Dabney, wife of George Dabney, heir of Dolly Mack. Mack died in Springfield, MA. Formerly resided in Chesterfield County, VA.

Susan A. Grandy, New York, NY, searching for her brother, Caesar Nash Grandy, who recently came from Norfolk, VA, by steamer

Alex Capron searching for Helen Jefferson, who recently came to New York by steamer
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