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Patison mar 6 79.jpg
Edmond Patison is looking for his brother Ephraim Patison

earheart feb 27 79.jpg
Frank Earheart is looking for Frank Pelum or his heirs

McElvin feb 20 79.jpg
Rachael McElvin is looking for her parents Jim and Judy McElvine (sic) and siblings Frank, Dennis, Chilly, Elen, Louisa, Lilly, Betsy, and Lellis.

fields feb 20 79.jpg
Mary Ann Fields is looking for her sister Josephine Cook

payne jan 2 79.jpg
George Payne is looking for his parents Walter and Sarah

Leroy H. Harris searching for his uncle Aaron Burton.

Clara Carrigger searching for her parents Sam and Clara Cavanaugh, and her daughter Minervia.

Moll Locket searching for George Brewer, her father, and her siblings.

Alex Hunter/Foeman searching for his brother Lazarus Hunter/Evines

Julia Harrison searching for her brother Julius Harrison.
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