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New Orleans Times-Democrat. Jun 11 1899.jpg
Rachel Thornton searching for her aunt, Harriet Cross, sister of John Jones. "Formerly belonged to" the Fielding Davis family.

Nora is searching for two female family members and two brothers

Richmond Planet. Oct 5 1907.jp2
Mollie Curren searching for her uncle, Lewis Smith, her aunt, Sallie Anne Thorp, and her aunt, Patsy Thorp. Patsy was sold during slavery.

New Orleans Daily Democrat Sep 17 1878.jp2
Unnamed, Harrodsburg, PA [Harrisburg, PA?], searching for Tilly Green, "an old family servant"

W.H. James searching for a woman named Virginia, the daughter of Catherine Gardner.

Andrew Thickland searching for his uncle Pharaoh; a man named Plato; grandmother Nancy Gilbert; and mother, Alsy Gilbert.

Polly (Harbor) Miner searching for her sister Patsey Berley.

Robert Henderson (Nat Calbert) searching for his parents, Race and Millia Calbert; sister ---rietta Calbert; and brother, Charles Calbert.
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