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1902 Brooks. The Richmond Planet Jul 19.jp2
Susan Brooks was born in Kinston [Kingston?], VA. Daughter of Jeffrey and Delsie Miller. Sold as a small child, in a "drove led by Mr. Trice or Price." Belonged to Philip Miller's estate.

1902 Coles. The Richmond Planet July 19 1902.jp2
Jane Coles was "a slave owned by Beverly Caesar." Daughter of Rhody Harvey. Sister of Malinda, Jerry, and Samuel Harvey. Jane sold at age 19.

Bettie Cole searching for her father, John Clark; mother Pleasant Cole; sisters Mary, Emily and Francis Cole; brother, Milton Cole; and Charlotte Moten.

Campbell Siler searching for their mother, Mary; sister Lucinda; and brother Oliver.

Alexandria Gazette June 4 1868.jp2
Patty Varner searching for her son, Vincent Varner

The Colored American Washington DC. This Mar 21 1903 version is best image quality. This ad ran for several months..beginning Sep 6 1902.jp2
Betty Reynolds, Atlanta, GA, searching for brother, Saunk Joyce, sold in Mecklenburg, VA, several years before Civil War

Fort Worth Gazette. Forth Worth TX. August 6 1891.jp2
Louis Clark, Oak Lodge, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, searching for brother, Lee Clark, and sister, Clarica Clark. Sold and taken from AL to TX about 1847.

Louis Martin searching for his brother Richard Luster and Robert Lewis.

Rachel (Marshall) Cotton searching for her mother, Maria Weaver; her daughter, Maria; sisters Sarah Thompson, Nellie and Caroline; Brimmer Thompson; Eliza; Jane; Helen; Mahalie Weaver; Libby Marshall; Hanton Haggerty; and Flavol Weaver.
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