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Searching for Robert Peck or his descendants. Peck lived in Manhattan or Brooklyn, NY, in or about 1850. Write to the New York Age office with information.

Frances, age 8, left her home about four weeks since, in 1848 in Philadelphia. [She was presumably free]. An antebellum ad.

Brown's parents searching for him. He was 14 years old and left their home in Philadelphia in July 1833. Supposedly went up Schuylkill, along the canal. [All presumably free African Americans]. An antebellum ad, from 1833.

Lathrop [presumably free], age 10 or 11, is lost. She recently arrived in New York from Hampton, CT. An antebellum ad, from 1834.

Hiram left Montpelier, Vermont, nearly 20 years ago [ca 1823]. He was in New Orleans when last heard of. His mother placed this antebellum ad in 1843.

Ad placed in Philadelphia in 1849, before the Civil War. Baynan fears that her son, age about 15, has been kidnapped.

Adair searching for her father, Charles Hazard, her mother, Rachel Ann Hazard, her brother, Wm. Henry Hazard, and her son, Wm. Henry Levi. Adair's father was free. Her mother was "owned by" John Ridgely, of Hampton County, Maryland, and sold to Tom…

Ashmore, a "free colored man," was raised in Trenton, New Jersey. He is heir to his mother's estate. An antebellum ad.

Francis is closely related to the emperor of Hayti [/Haiti]. His father, Thomas Francis, was born in Martinique in 1789 and lived in Guadaloupe. His grandfather, Augustus, also born in Martinique. An antebellum ad.

Merr left Williamsburg, Virginia, about 40 years earlier [ca 1792]. Last heard of in Boston, Massachusetts. Dipper is searching for him or Cesar Lafayette, who knew his brother Daniel Merr well. An antebellum ad.

Information wanted of Moore, a "colored man" of Swedesboro, New Jersey, by his friends. He was sick in Boston when last heard from. An antebellum ad.

Lettice Lamb and her daughter, Peggy, of Norwich, Connecticut, searching for Lettice's sons. They were last heard from in 1821, in or near Portland, Maine. An antebellum ad.

William Volantine (now named William Robinson) was once a slave in Baltimore, now living in New Bedford, MA. He is searching for his brother, Joshua, who was also a slave in Baltimore and went to Philadelphia three years earlier [ca 1846]. An…

Quindy Relf escaped from slavery. His wife and their five children were later manumitted in Virginia and went to Ohio. They are searching for him. An antebellum ad.

William and Mary Smith lived in Washington, DC, in 1827. [Ad possibly related to a probate/inheritance issue]?

Richmond Planet. Jan 18 1902.jp2
Charlie Oliver (born Dandridge Vius) searching for his grandfather. Charlie was sold in 1859. His grandfather was free all his life and a barber in Richmond, VA since 1855.

Fannie Williams 7-1-1885.tif
Fannie Williams is searching for her grandfather William Jackson. He was owned by a man named Jackson in Williamson County, TN. He was a brick mason and bought his freedom before the war and ran a bickyard in Nashville, TN. Fannie's mother is named…

F.G. Gilbert 4-9-1885.tif
F. G. Gilbert is searching for his mother Eliza Miller (now Eliza Baker), brother, and two sisters, Sarah Jane and Rosa Miller. He lived in Louisville, KY with his mother and four siblings, one brother who died before they were separated. Just…

Emily Wills 7-10-1884.tif
Emily Wills searching for her father Wm. Golder, mother Clarissa, sisters Eliza Ann, Mary, and Diana, and brothers James, Calvin, Marcellus, William, Peter, Daro, Wesley, and Sam. Her father was born free and ran a boat. Her mother and children were…

Judy Ellis 3-24-1866.tif
Alvy Ellis searching for her mother Judy who was free and lived with Mr. Spears on Sulphur Creek about 9 years ago. He would like to hear from his relations who are living and know which are dead. He was last owned by Christopher Ellis.

Hullan Sullivan searching for their father, Issac Sherman; mother, Maria; sisters Eda and Maria; and brother Ephraim.

Unnamed woman, New York, NY, searching for her son, George Demonet, age 5, strayed from home last Monday morning.

Lloyd Shorter.jp2
Lloyd Shorter, Alexandria, LA, searching for his sister, Marcelia Shorter, of Washington County, MD and New Orleans, LA

Looking for Friends2.28.1884.jpg
She is looking for friends and family of Jackson Jennings.

Nathan Bentley/Bently searching for his brother Daniel Bently.
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