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Mary Hill searching for her children Samuel, Thomas H. and Sarah Price.

Rev. William Chapman seeking information on his brother and two sisters.

Melvin Bell seeking information of his sister Lettie Lucinda.

Moses (Sapp) Morris searching for his parents Peggie and Nelson Morse/Mayoland, and his siblings Ben, Oliver, Ned, Mary, Lizzie, Kitty, Ann and Martha.

Hannah Jackson seeking information on her father, mother, and three sisters.

Charles Milton seeking information of his mother and father.

White 2.TIF
Fanny (Nowland) White for her parents Ben and Silvey Nowland, her sister Palsie/Paisie Nowland, as well as Ben and Elijah Nowland.

Adam Johnson searching for his mother; his son Elder; his brothers Aaron, Daniel and Charles; and his wife's sisters Judie, Susie, Cinda and Dicie.

Lizzie Ragsdale searching for her sisters Louisa and Harriet Walton.

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Henry Flood searching for his parents Wm. and Charlotte Flood, and his siblings Alexander, Maria, Louisa, Ann, and Rose.
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