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1902 Richmond Planet Oct 18 1902. Frank Johnson.jp2
Frank Robinson/Frank Johnson, New Haven, CT, searching for his siblings. Children of Walker Robinson and Martha Robinson.

James Dellemare, New York, NY, searching for William Dellemare, living in Westport, CT. Now in Brooklyn, NY.

Jesse S. Cowles, New Haven, CT, searching for his mother, Sarah Cowles and his siblings, William Cowles, Charles Cowles, Carter Cowles, Mildred Lewis, Josephine Cowles, and Martha J. Cowles.

John Lane.jp2
John Lane, Middletown, CT, searching for his mother, Mary Cartmore, of Nelson County, KY; his sister, Frances Cartmore; and his brother, William Cartmore

wilson july 28 94.jpg
Emma Wilson is looking for her sister Mary Louisa Randolph nee Ferguson

Francis Povler searching for her mother Jennie, and her siblings Soloman, Mary Esther, and Benjamin.
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