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Oglesby is searching for Mr. Mines Goodall, Abraham Pussley, and Robert Allen, of the 14th U.S. Colored Troops, Civil War [possibly to apply for a Civil War veteran's pension?]

Alexander Wood is a veteran looking for his old comrades.

Richmond Planet March 15 1902.jp2
Anthony Cox searching for John Taliaferro, Major Woolridge, Dennis Minor, John Clark, Walker Clark, and Lewis Clark. Worked at the "Salt Works" together. The Clarks and Dennis Minor in Co. B, 119th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry, Civil War. They…

Ross, veteran of Co. H, 35th U.S. Colored Troops, searching for paroled Union prisoners who swam with him at Andersonville Prison, and others. [Probably for a pension application?]

Grant lived in the County Hospital, Farmhurst, DE. Placed two ads on the same page (one ad for Mittie and Bakes, the other for Grimes).

Newsom searching for Jim Smith, body servant of Andrew Smith, Co. H., 3d Ark./56th U.S.C.T. [Civil War]

Frank Waters, of Baltimore, Maryland, was searching for his son, John Waters, who was in the 4th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops.

Ad placed in Wilmington, North Carolina. Smith was a "colored" discharged soldier. [A Civil War veteran?]

Brown is widow of Leonard Brown, Co. G. U.S.H.A. [Ad presumably relates to a Civil War widow's pension application].

Jameson, Aetna, Kansas, searching for members of the 9th Kansas [presumably to gather testimony for a Civil War veteran's pension].

George Simpson National Tribune Apr 22 1909.jp2
George Simpson searching for George Simpson, a slave in Clay County, MO, who enlisted in Civil War regiment

H.C. Brock. National Tribune...Washington DC Sep 29 1910.jp2
H.C. Brock, Pearl, IL, searching for veterans of Company K, 1st U.S. Colored Troops, Civil War

Interior Journal. Stanford KY. Feb 9 1906.jp2
Looking for Moses Ballard, Civil War veteran, or his heirs [possibly related to a Civil War veteran's pension?]

Times-Promoter. Hernando MS. Feb 23 1906.jp2
Harvey Spalding & Sons (Washington, DC law firm) searching for Simon Smith, Co. B, 11th U.S. Colored Infantry, or his widow or heirs

Saffold is searching for any officer or man of Co. E, 135th Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops. Saffold is trying to get a Civil War veteran's pension.

J. Goins seeking information on his former comrades from his military service.

J.C. Boone is searching for his old comrades

Colored American. Washington DC May 24 1902.jp2
J.E. Johnson, Providence, RI, searching for Thomas J Steward, Civil War veteran from Providence, RI, who worked in the Treasury Department in Washington, DC

David Brunson. National Tribune Wash DC Nov 8 1906.jp2
John Brunson searching for David Brunson, veteran of Co. K, 54th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War), Blairsville, PA

Bowen, born in North Carolina, went to Hartford, Connecticut, and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1863, during the Civil War. Bowen, or his heirs, are entitled to a "small estate."

Taylor, a Civil War veteran of the 1st U.S. Colored Troops, searching for Col. John H. Holeman. Taylor is applying for a veteran's pension.

Wilson Merrill 3-24-1866.tif
Judy Merrill is searching for her son Wilson Merrill who was formerly a servant to General Van Dorn. When he was last heard from, he was in Cincinnati, OH living with a Lieut. Waid Long, 5th Ohio Cavalry.

Julia Brown, Tallula, MS, searching for members of Co. G., 66th U.S. Colored Troops who knew Archie Brown

Julia Carter, Ferguson, AR, searching for Isaac Carter, his sister Martha Carter, his brother Aley Carter, and their brother Luther Gray/Luther Carter

James Allensworth...National Tribune...Washington DC May 30 1907.jp2
Kate Johnson, Evansville, IN, searching for her brother, James Allensworth, who enlisted in Co. I, 16th U.S. Colored Troops
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