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Searching for uncles John McCraty, Sam McCraty, Green McCraty, and West McCraty. They "went off with the army" [presumably during the Civil War].

Hullum's father went to New Orleans "during the emancipation" on a U.S. ship "as inspector." He served in the U.S. Army.

Parker searching for his uncle, who was sold by Willis T. Riddirk, Gales County, NC

Rev. J. Preston Watson, sold on the auction block many times, ran away from his owner and was taken in by Captain Thomas Gannon of the Ninth Missouri Cavalry for the duration of the war.

Samuel Gould searching for Sandy Gould and Wm. Gould, son and nephew of Nicholas Gould, who came from Richmond, VA, during the Civil War

Nelson Lewis, Mendota, IL, searching for David D. Ficket, Captain, Company D, 29th U.S.C.T. (U.S. Colored Troops), Civil War

Grant lived in the County Hospital, Farmhurst, DE. Placed two ads on the same page (one ad for Mittie and Bakes, the other for Grimes).

Found...Pittsburgh Dispatch Mar 12 1891.jpg
William H. Todd, Washington Court House, OH, finds his mother in Macon, GA, after writing to people in the South for many years in search of her.

New National Era. Washington DC September 29 1870 copy 2.jp2
Henry Green, Sr. searching for his son, William Green. He left Beaufort, SC, for New York, with a U.S. army officer in 1865.


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