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Jones, a Los Angeles, California, attorney, is searching for Roulhac. He is heir to a large estate.

Harris and Brooks were separated by sale in 1859 in Louisiana. They found each other in 1904 and remarried in Fresno, California.

Cobble found her sons, Thurston Cobble and Ned Cobble. They were sold to a New Orleans slave trader in Richmond, VA, 40 years earlier, in 1849, to fund slaveholder's trip to gold rush California.

Allison Washington searching for his parents George and Catherine, brothers James and John, sisters Bettie and Mary Ann, and his aunt and uncle, Phoebe and Allison.

George Simpson National Tribune Apr 22 1909.jp2
George Simpson searching for George Simpson, a slave in Clay County, MO, who enlisted in Civil War regiment

G.H. Wild, New York, NY, and W.H. Alexander, San Francisco, CA, searching for Diana M'Donald, formerly of San Francisco, CA

Sacramento Daily Record-Union 18 Mar 1882.jp2
John Strander, Washington, Yolo County, CA, searching for sons. Believes some moved from St. Clair County, IL to California.

brooks nov 24 94.jpg
Charles Harris's widow is looking for her husband's sister, her mother-in-law Louisa Brown (formerly Harris), her husband's step-father Samuel Brown, and her husband's uncle Thomas Harris.
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